KPrepublic customer service?

I ordered a HHKB keycap set from them a month or so ago that I was super stoked on. They sent me confirmations and a personal e-mail from someone named Elvin. Not too long after I got a tracking number. I waited a few weeks to actually check the tracking. Turns out it was rejected by the Beijing post office and returned back to them. So I have tried e-mailing their general address and Elvin’s to try and find out if I should request a refund through paypal or if they are going to ship again. Over a week later, I have yet to receive an answer.
Does anyone have a contact there that may actually respond?
I’m not upset, really I just want the cyberpunk hhkb keycaps :rofl:


Have you tired chatting with them, through the chat function on their website?

I chatted with them on their website, then ordered through amazon, after they confirmed, that the amazon listing was theirs.


Thanks! Sent them a message on there.
I feel like I subconsciously ignore live chat prompts for better or worse.

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As an update, after e-mailing, using their iMessage support chat and opening an issue on PayPay, I have yet to hear back from KPrepublic.

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WOW, that’s a bummer.

From their FAQ:

Why do I get the tracking info that my parcel is returned?

If you get the info that your parcel is returned when you track your order, it is normal. It means the parcel is rejected by the security check when it arrives at the airport. No worries at all. It doesn’t mean the parcel has issue, it is just bad luck that there are some unqualified parcels in the same container so that the parcel is rejected as well. Normally, China Post will attempt to reship. After several attempts failed, China Post will returned to us. When we receive the parcel, we will reship you as soon as possible.

Also free shipping is slow:

What is the shipping time?

With the effect of COVID-19, free shipping and paid standard shipping will take over 30 - 45 business days on average. The 45 is the minimum shipping time, which counts from the day when you have the tracking info NOT the day you placed the order.

We will contact you if your country cannot be reached with the free shipping. Then we will give you two options, 1) to have a paid standard shipping; 2) to have a expedited shipping. Of course, if you don’t want to pay, we could refund to you within 2 business days.

Still not receive?

Since the COVID-19, the longest shipping time we encounter is over 140 days with free shipping. If you don’t receive the parcel after 140 days, please feel free to contact us for a solution (refund or reshipment). NOTE - the 140-day starter is from the day you have the tracking info, NOT from the day when you place the order.


Ah! Thanks for pointing this out. I’m not sure why I didn’t dig into FAQ. I just assumed that ‘rejected’ meant the specific package not all the other things it may have been sitting with.

wow 140 days is a loooooooong time… iirc the window to file a paypal dispute is only 180 days.

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I ordered a bottle opener shaped like a skeleton key from china in 2010 for 99¢ (through eBay). It showed up in 2014…


The messed up thing is that I totally believe this happened! :joy:

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wow thats amazing

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I hope that happends too with a CRP Desko set I’ve bought in march 2020 :slight_smile: Tracking froze just froze at one point.

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I had totally forgotten about it and was surprised with the joy of a kid in a candy store when it arrived. lol


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Just a little update it has now been 150 days since the keycaps shipped and I never received them. Just tried to re-open the case with paypal and the order is no longer covered by buyer protection so I cannot request a refund. Convenient for KPrepublic.

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I’ve ordered deskmat through them back in June and it took like until September or even October (?) to get delivered - I don’t remember exactly but it’s been literal months. I’ve received tracking number fairly quickly, like in less than a week, but then the package didn’t really move. Then I’ve read somewhere on r/mk that they are faster in shipping when going through Aliexpress.

Received today HHKB keycap set I’ve ordered around Feb 25th (more or less) from KPRepublic via Aliexpress.

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I couldn’t help but notice that their site doesn’t like vpns or firewalls. Lil’ sus.

I e-mailed them to see if they could send another set via a different shipper so we will see…

I finally got in touch with them and they are shipping another set with FedEx. Which is awesome! Turns out there is a live chat that actually works on their site but its hidden by another one:


Very glad your story might have an acceptable conclusion. I generally like KPRepublic.

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