Krytox GPL 105 Interest Check!

Hey Everyone!
Doing a quick interest check for Krytox GPL 105 oils. Pricing will be in the form below.

Check out the form here!

Each vial (2ml) comes with 2 lube applicators. If you order two vials then you will receive 4 applicators.

What is Krytox GPL 105?

Krytox GPL 105 is a thin oil switch lubricant used primarily for springs to decrease the rattle or ‘ping’ sounds.

How does this compare to previous lubes offered?

In comparison to both Tribosys 3204 and Krytox 205g0, Krytox GPL 105 is recommended for springs. The lube can also be applied to tactile or linear switches.

How much will Krytox GPL 105?

Krytox GPL 105 will be priced as $7CAD/2ml vial.

We have also upgraded our vials for all our lubes to scientific grade molded lid leak proof vials.


Shipping cost to India?

We do not currently ship to India.

How “sticky” is this oil? would it stay on the clickbars for Kailh BOX switches? I’m looking for something to take the edge off the clickbars, but I’m not sure whether to go with PFPE grease, semifluid Tribosys 320X/GPL Whatever on it.

If you’re looking for worldwide shipping on these oils then you should check Store Uni:

I’m currently in the process of ordering some Tribosys 3204 instead of GPL 105 since that is what most people are interested in right now. WIll be posting when that goes live for pre-order.