Ktt kang white vs ktt rose

I got confused between ktt kang white and ktt rose, what is the main difference between this two switches? Because when i hear the sound from reviewer i cant hear the differences

Im still newbie i hope u guys can give me an answer.


Just the spring weight (both are progressive with Roses being a 5 grams heavier), color, & pin amount (Roses are 5 pin PCB mount while Kang Whites are 3 pin plate mount). Other than that they are made from the same materials (polycarb top, nylon bottom, POM stem) & are both full travel switches (4mm travel).


Also, unless you really like the way the switch looks, I wouldn’t highly recommend KTT kang white. It’s a pretty all around mid switch from my experience. Nothing terrible but nothing great.


ohh thanks sir it helped me a lot


No problem, don’t forget to come back & post whatever build you plan on putting them in!

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