KTT Sea Salt Lemon

I’ve seen them talked about here and there, but I never realized that they have a dry lube applied. Has anyone tried these?

everything i see says they’re OK but if you lube them they’re better. lol


Nice pricing. Sounds similar to Banana Splits. 5-pin version is out of stock though.

Yeah, they’re been around a while. Mostly sold out. I’ve only ever tried KTT Strawberry and KTT Kang Whites. The strawberry are some of the best switches out there once lubed. Kang Whites are pretty “meh”


I’ve been using my Strawberries without lubing them and they honestly sound better than most of my personally lubed switches. Their factory lubing is so nice. I might have to try adding a bit of lube myself.

If I did it again, I would probably only lube the top housings. The thing I didn’t like was the harsh clack on upstroke. I lubed everything on the stems which resulted in very buttery smooth and thocky switches. Almost a bit too thocky though. I’d prefer just a tad more clack

I also really like how stable they are. Hardly any wobble is refreshing.

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Any opinion on the KTT Halu Halos vs. the Strawberries?