Laptop Keyboards

Keyboards on laptops are probably one of the most used keyboard types around, but finding information on them seems to be hard. Things like material, mechanism, or just personal opinions on laptop keyboards are difficult to find.

For example, Apple’s new 2022 M2 MacBook Air, what kind of plastic are the keycaps? They develop a shine within days of use. Have they been using the same plastic over the years and got away with it?

I have no experience with Windows laptops. Do they have similar issues?

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I believe that ThinkPad keyboard keycaps are made from half abs and half PBT. That’s all I know about laptop keyboards.


I recently got my first Macbook (2020 Air M1), keycaps got indeed very shiny very fast. But the keycaps’ surface is super smooth making them feel somehow premium, even when shiny. I am guessing that’s one of the reasons they use that kind of plastic (which should be some variation of ABS?).
As for the keyboard itself, I like typing on it a lot.

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