Large print legends for the visually impaired

I have a request to do a build for a person who is visually impaired. That individual currently uses an EZ See board, and it is my understanding that legend size and legend contrast are of primary importance for usability.

In my dream world, there would exist a high quality MX-compatible double-shot set in Cherry profile, with coverage for a wide range of layouts, that meets these legend constraints. So far, however, nothing I’ve been able to find fully hits the mark, and even then, it’s slim pickings:

Any suggestions? I’m willing to entertain anything that’s even remotely in the ballpark with regards to contrast and legend size - as it is, I may already have to back away from my initial proposal for something like an acrylic Austin, simply due to the low likelihood of finding suitable 1.75u rshift and 1.5u ralt and rctrl keys (or resorting to blanks for those keys if I can source good color matches).