Larger kits/oem mech boards with bluetooth?

Any recommendations for a larger format (75%, TKL, 96 or CP) kit or better quality OEM board with bluetooth connectivity?

Ideally I’d want something with MX-compatible stems and ISO layout.

I’ve been searching, but haven’t found much:

  • Varmilo has the VB88M TKL, but it seems to never be in stock, also not sure if I ever saw an ISO version available
  • Vortex has been teasing new 75% and 96 key boards for a while now, seems like these might also come with bluetooth, not sure when those will be coming out though.
  • The new CoolerMasters announced at CES seem to fit the bill, not sure if the low profile Cherry MX switches are compatible with standard MX keycap sets though?
  • Unikey Q100, the only one readily available for order… is a bit bulky, and expensive, would be nice if I could buy a barebones version sans keycaps.

As for kits, I haven’t found any offerings… would love to hear some other suggestions.

If I remember correctly, Rama has posted a shot or two of the early revs for the low-profile Cherry switches and they had standard MX stem tops (it seems like that’s the play they’re trying to make since the Kailh low-profiles beat them to market).

Yep, here’s a link to that

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Doesn’t IKBC make Bluetooth versions of their TKLs and fullsizes?

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Yes, they do! I did not now that, thanks. Although, only the C series comes in bluetooth versions.

There’s also the Filco Majestouch 2 Convertible.

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