Laser engraved keycap protection

I notice the dye-subbed laser engraved letters on my keycaps are starting to fade. Does anyone know an easy way to protect against this wear? Perhaps by applying a clear coat of some type of paint?

Update 1:
It’s the keycaps that came with my Mistel Barocco Black edition, pictures here:

Update 2:
Changed “dye sublimated” in title and OP to “laser engraved”, because I suspect that’s what it is.

If they’re wearing, they’re not dyesubbed. Sounds like you got some lasered or pad-printed caps. What cap set are you using?

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I’m using the OEM key caps which came with the Mistel Barocco Black edition. The Amazon page for the product says the keycaps are PBT double shot, but I don’t think they are… I’ll have a look and update here in a bit.

I added pictures to the OP, and yeah they clearly aren’t double-shot.

On the company’s website they say it’s PBT but the printing technique is not clear. Perhaps “Ray carving” means laser etched, like you suggested?

“PBT Keycap, along with the Ray carving on the front and side keycap allows the user to easily understand its operating functions.”


Ah, perhaps different versions of the keyboard have different keycaps.

Here it says “laser engraved PBT”:

And here it says “double shot PBT”:

Yeah, that looks like the same lasered style of cap on the bulk of the iKBC boards as well. There’s not much to do about those caps - but there are aftermarket ones that fit the board (as well as most standard sets if you’re willing to keep the space bar) like the generic PBT Muted, which has the correct size bars for the spaces.

Any kind of coating you would put on them would wear off more quickly than the legends and also make everything look worse. They aren’t really fantastic caps to begin with (although I appreciate that they have some side legends that are specific to your board), so if it bothers you I would look into getting a better quality replacement.


Had the same set of caps on a TKL, it’s a shitty set, the quality of the legend is just horrible and after one month they they started to fade :confused:

You can’t do nothing about that except find another quality keyset :blush:

If you use your keyboard enough to wear off the legends like that, getting a set of dye-sub or double-shot keycaps is worth the investment.