Laser SA

Wasn’t sure whether to post here or in the IC category, since it’s not my IC … feel free to move the post if it’s not appropriate here.

Anyway, looks like Laser SA is going to be a thing now:

I’m personally not really a big fan of the colorway, but I’m sure a lot of people are going to flip out over this. SA profile seems like a match made in heaven for the whole retro-futuristic aesthetic.


I had mixed feelings on the colorway when it first was available in GMK profile.

Now that I’ve seen so much of it, I have to have it in SA.
I don’t have any idea what keyboard this will go on, but I can’t miss this.

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I’m not a fan of the whole set, but I really like the novelties (mitowaves) and the numrow 7segment style. Might have to just get those two.

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I like GMK Laser but I do find that the colors are hard to match with boards and are also hard to see very well unless you literally have a light shining down on it (one reason I installed an LED light strip above my keyboard drawer). I know that SP and GMK don’t have the same exact colors available so I was wondering how the SA version would change.

Anyway, SA was my first love when it comes to mechs (and I even like typing on it pretty well) so I think I’ll probably have to get this.


They are running another round of SA Laser on Dorp right now and it isn’t scheduled for delivery until March… of 2022!

I wonder if SP is that behind on SA caps, or if it is because of the extremely high numbers this set will probably sell, or both.


Yeah, it’s pretty interesting. SA Godspeed took about 6 months if you don’t count the sets that were boxed up (GB closed end of Feb 2019, shipped from SP to Drop in Aug 2019). This is roughly how long it took SA Laser to be produced as well (GB closed end of May 2019 and shipped from SP to Drop in Jan 2020).

My understanding is that Drop/MiTo might have locked in a production window for both of the above sets. Another 2020 SA set, SA Sail, closed at the end of March 2020 and shipped in in Nov 2020 so it was 7-8 months.

So, anyways, 12-13 months is very out of the norm. I wonder if they are planning on shipping these in boxes and SP is adding multiple months for that.

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