& Sweet GIVEAWAY! - Join for Free!

Hello MechLovers!

Amanda here, bringing you, from the hand of & this exclusive FREE GiveAway!

How can I Participate?

Just click the link below and subscribe! –Wait a minute…is this a SPAM mailing list!? Absolutely not :wink: This mailing list will be used to get all of you in touch with exclusive keyboard focused news, promos and other cool stuff by LaserBoost & KeyboardPlates, and you can unsubscribe from there anytime you want :wink:

:fire::fire::fire: LINK --> JOIN THE GIVEAWAY NOW! <-- LINK :fire::fire::fire:

Is there a deadline?

Yeah, You can join the giveaway from now until 16th July :slight_smile:

How will the raffle be done?

We will list all your emails in a csv, every participant having a row number. We will use Google to generate a random number. The raffle will be streamed via @keyboardplates instagram, on 20th July, (exact timing soon).

What if I win ?!

We will contact you and ask you for your shipping address to send you the prize :slight_smile:

GiveAway items:

- Exclusive Keyboard Waffle Iron

- Freebies

Good Luck!

Thanks to all KeebTalk Staff :wink:

Terms & Conditions

- If the winner does not respond in 4 days, the raffle will be done again, leaving the first winner with no prize. This second round will be streamed too.

- In the link, we ask for an email with a complete name. We only accept one mail per name and one name per mail. The name has to match the contact person on the final shipping address.

- Neither or are responsible for missing or damage to the package during shipping.

Special Thanks To @cijanzen :kissing_heart:


This is perhaps the most significant giveaway of all time. I’m a pancake man, but I will meme so hard with this thing if I win!


Making memes come true! Best of luck to everyone.

laserboost is awesome! Got a plate cut from them and it did not disappoint. GL to all!

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ISO support when?

Shame this doesn’t seem to be individually purchasable in the store and the raffle is just for a free one or something.

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