LaserBoost Golden Ticket Giveaway


Wow, that’s super kind of you! I’d use the ticket to finally order an MX-compatible plate for my Z-150 case.


Sir, your generosity is remarkable!
Last weekend I’ve finished building my first prototype and I’m typing on it right now. I’m quite excited even if it’s only a handwired one with cardboard plate. My next step would have been to try acrylic, but a metal plate would be even better.


I will have a plate cut for an interesting 40% design I’ve been working on for a long while!

Those people at Laser boost have really impressed me with there involvement in this community.


I’d use this for making a half plate for my Mechmini 2, with the new PCB I’m designing that has flex slots. Thanks for doing the giveaway!


Drum roll please!

The winner of the Golden Ticket is @stevesie!

I will be connecting with stevesie to get all the details in order but I wanted to thank all of you for being part of this community, participating, and having such cool ideas.

Even if you didn’t win I hope that you’ll be able to make your dream boards come true!


Big thank you to @cijanzen for doing this. Thanks so much! I think I’m gonna do a plate for a custom board with it! I’ll be posting updates once things are ordered.


I would use it to create a first prototype plate for my ortholiniear-grid layout project.
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Sorry bud, the giveaway is over!


Alright. Saw it to late, but thanks for the answer :blush:


So, I promised that I would share my plate once I put the order in. I know some of you only want to see what I decided to make, so the pic is here. For the story, and I do hope you read it, continue scrolling past the picture.


Now, since this was something that I had won and was a gift, I wanted to do something that I wouldn’t normally do and was a little bit out there from what was normal. I considered getting new plates made to replace my 3d printed case for my ergodox, I considered doing a new 40 or 50% design, I wasn’t sure.

Then inspiration hit me. I have always liked gamepads, but there are few on the market. Most of the commercially available ones are not mechanical, and I don’t want to pay the prices for the Razer one that’s out there, especially for essentially half of a keyboard. In fact, that’s why I have my ergodox. I had planned to use it as a gamepad for FPS’s but decided to just populate both boards and leave the other half somewhere when it was plugged in. That’s what got me into both ortho layouts and split boards.

I’ve been gaming on 40% boards for a while now and it’s fine and I do it fairly well, but it always feels like there’s something missing and some games require dedicated numbers or F-keys (looking at you Destiny 2). So in the spirit of doing something I wouldn’t normally do, I addressed my own issues and desires for a gamepad and have made what I hope is going to be a nice all around gaming board. Right now, I’m thinking of calling it an axe-related name owing to the fact that the “space” key appears to have been thrown into the block of keys and is now hanging haphazardly. Either Tomahawk or Hatchet right now, but I’m open to other historical names.

Thank you for reading this whole thing and big thanks to @LaserBoost and @cijanzen for doing this. I’ll definitely be paying it forward in the future.


Okay. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to create a new thread or just update on this one

I got the plate from LaserBoost in today and it’s fantastic. The packaging was great, they included a couple of postcards and a sticker! I will likely get some Amoeba pcbs and use them to makethe matrix and start that. For now, I’ve mocked up what it will look like on the plate, and it looks great! I’ll be putting some greetech greens that I’ve been saving and I plan to do a wooden case if I can.

I also feel like I should give a shoutout not just in pictures to their new tool on their website, a keyboard specific tool that allows you to create your own or to pick from a variety of different common models of plate. The create your own appears to be similar to their regular file uploading, but the plates already created and available are a great idea!

Mine is done in Brushed stainless with 1.5mm thickness. Works perfectly with the switches.

Pictures here:


Looks great, how does it feel? Does the ISO enter work well as the space bar?


That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing.


Very cool project and a great use of that golden ticket. Makes me want to design something myself.


So far, I like it, and I like it with SA on it as well. I do like the ISO enter as space. it feels good and it’s big enough to be easily hit. Once I get more time to play around with it and maybe once I make a case for it, I’ll really be able to see how good it is. it might need to be moved closer to the hand, but I think it’s fine for now.


Thanks! I’m hoping that if it goes well with the rest of the project, I can do an IC for a small GB for it. I know it doesn’t fill a huge gap for most people, but we’ll see.