LaserBoost Golden Ticket Giveaway


Hey everyone, I’m doing a giveaway for the Keebtalk community. I just recently purchased some plates from @LaserBoost and happened to find a Golden Ticket in my box. Alas, I have no ideas of what I’d use it for and so I thought maybe one of you could use it better!

The ticket is for 25€ off your next order before February 1st.

Rules for entry:

  • Account must be older than 24h by the time you enter.

  • You must make a comment in this thread and all I ask is that you mention what you might use the ticket towards.

  • I will select a winner by RNG in 48h from now.

Thanks for being part of this community! I hope this helps the lucky one with their plans.

Thank you to all who participated in this giveaway!


I would be cutting a plate for a super wide ortho board with a macropad in the center


Experiment towards a spaced out 75% since I love small gaps


I would need a metal case for Atreis I’d build -


I’d like to make a case for a Ergodox-like keyboard that works for people with small pinkies like me - I can normally don’t reach the Q key on a Ergodox/Iris/Atreus with my pinkie, but have to move my entire hand or use my ring finger.


Thanks for the giveaway! :slight_smile: I’d cut a case for my corne!


I’m looking to make an ortholinear plate for the Vortex Race 3 aluminium case. I love my Race but I’m not using it because of my Planck, so I want to handwire a ortho layout that fits within the Race’s case.



thicc plate for the minivan


I would use it to cut a custom “ISO” Preonic-inspired plate for my next handwired build.


I’d like to handwire a conservative hybrid between boardwalk and dactylus (lightly bent kb plate - higher in the middle)


I’d use it to finally create something of my own design. I’ve been floating this idea around in my head for a while, but basically a 65% board with an extra column on each side for volume controls, macros, etc.


I’d use it to model/test a plate for TKL using K-104 caps/stabs (that BAE tho)


I’d use it to cut a brass ticket. I know, it sounds like a downgrade but whatever dude, a brass ticket.


@peejeh It looks like you could fit a Boardwalk into that case, maybe look into that if you don’t want to handwire.


I’d use it to make a brass plate for the new polycarbonate mechmini. Thanks for the giveaway!


nothing fancy i would like to try a pc plate with v2 zealios


I’m in the Boardwalk GB, but the problem is going to be mounting it with the non-standard standoff positions in the Race 3’s case. Plus once my Boardwalk is built, I’ll need another bigger project and I’ve not handwired a board yet.


Fair enough, just thought I’d throw it out just in case. I have a bunch of Boardwalks … and more incoming. Here is my latest!


Wow that’s amazing, so blue. All the Boardwalks I’ve seen look amazing, can’t wait to get mine.


I’d probably use it to get an ergodox case made up as mine is not in good condition and I need to redo the switches as well.