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I’m thinking of doing a copper Iris plate but I don’t see that in the plate library. I know it’s available to download but is it on your site and I’m just missing it? Also what is the thickness of a copper plate?

Hello @cijanzen we don’t have a Iris section now. If you have the layout in some vector file you can upload the file to our configurator and proceed with the options.

Here you can see that the available copper thickness is 1.5mm. Thanks!

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Okay maybe this is a good time for me to get a plate;

@LaserBoost for someone who wants to get one of the existing plates in the keyboard section but with a modification, how’s the best way for me to inform your team about it and discuss it if necessary?

Hello @Manofinterests, our team is focused on metal fabrication, so they are not keyboard experts.

Some people want to modify our layout to upload to our configurator and order them, we always recommend to get in touch with some keyboard community to get this solved. (keebtalk, reeddit, geekhack, …)

You can contact with our direct collaborators, they can also help you :slight_smile: (