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LaserBoost™ - The perfect service to get your custom mech plates cut! TWO GAME MODES: Order your own keyboard plate (upload the file) or browse our library plates (fully functionality certified by our collaborators). /

KeebPool & Brushed Custom Brass Plate.


Question: Shouldn’t there be no tax when ordering from an EEA country? When I import this to Norway, I have to pay 25% tax to the norwegian customs, and should normally not have to pay the 21% VAT in addition.

Hello Yumiya, this 21% is the part we have to pay to our customs/goverment to sell metal parts. As manufacturers we have to pay this “special” things.

There are no surprises in the final price, because all prices shown in the part configurator have this taxes already applied.

Thanks :wink:

Working on a copy of the uTron, with MX switches and without the horizontal staggering.

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