LaserBoost. New Keyboard Plates Library - OPEN SOURCE

LaserBoost here again! Totally in love with all keyboard community supporting us via blogs & instagram

Our main mission is to make laser cut metal parts more accessible to everyone, especially to the communities that help us to being better and get bigger.

We have some great news, and maybe this will be interesting for the keyboard community:


Yes. Finally. But we could never have done this alone. LaserBoost, in collaboration with true mechanical keyboard experts, introduce the Custom Mechanical Keyboard Plates service.

This service offers an open source repository of some of the most commonly used mechanical keyboard plates, ready to download or order, validated by real mechanical keyboard enthusiasts and 100% lit. All plates in one place.

So, now we have TWO game modes. Custom plate cut (with your cad file) or Plates Library Cut :slight_smile:

Meet the heroes here:


Discord: Jae-3soteric#1085

Twitch: JaeKeebs - Twitch



Discord: ChrisSwires#7130





Discord: Discord: Maarten#3065



In the regular main LaserBoost website, we have update the menus & sections, making the UX/UI more gratefull for the user.

Hope you like it


Great to see this out there and happy it’s worked out!


Super cool. Wish there was a US vendor like this

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Actually ordered from the US. Shipping might be really long but they have really good customer support in my opinion. Can’t wait to get my plate!

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This is fantastic news. Thanks guys!

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I tried to right click a link on your keyboards page so I could share it with someone who is looking for this type of service but I discovered that I couldn’t because you actively block people from using your site. Oh well.

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Solved! Sorry, this is an UI/UX parameter we forgott to deactive in the last “code session” :wink:

Solved! Sorry, this is an UI/UX parameter we forgott to deactive in the last “code session” :wink:

Really glad to see you guys becoming a staple of the community, and as always - happy to help where I can!


This is mad! As someone with no CAD experience, this is so good to see.
Would love an XD75 design up one day.

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Awesome work to you guys and everyone who contributes!

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This is gonna come in handy!

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I should get a copper plate soon :thinking:
And possibly a half plate

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How much was shipping, if you don’t mind me asking?

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Shipping country? :slight_smile:

the US of A (MERICA!) Are there other contries? :rofl:

Prices for USA shipping.
Thank You!


You should add a checkbox to the custom plate page to allow custom plate files to be added to the public repository.

Same here. Ordered a Tada68 plate that will support spacebar PCB mounted stab. I’ll use them again assuming all goes well (which I am not at all worried about).

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Could you guys make a replacement plate for an Exent? I don’t have measurements for one, but I could arrange that.