Layout Name?

Hello friends - I’ve gotten a keeb request that I could use some research help with.


  • Bluetooth or wireless
  • Numpad (but not necessarily nav cluster)

This Plum would be great for the layout, but aside from being out of stock it’s wired only:

I’ve seen a few images like these here and there of layouts that would fit the bill but they usually don’t have bluetooth, etc. 96% would work but I’d prefer something with at least a little spacing. If anyone knows of a commercial or custom board off-hand that would fit, let me know!

These are all a little cramped, but there’s the Iqunix F96. Sorry for costar stabs :grimacing:

Keychron K4 which I’ve “heard” can be fitted into the Melody96/NYM96 by modding the original plate.

I’ll keep an eye out for any others I stumble across.


To reply to your question in your title, the layout is called TK :wink:

I personnally used it for my first home made custom keyboard, the Simply96 (design and build log is somewhere in this forum).
Not a widely used layout, but very practical for users that can’t easily adapt to exotic layouts if your muscle memory is bound to standard TKL or fullsize layouts.

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How about this one good sir?


Ooh I like that. I didn’t think to ask if they need the F-row up top; I’ll double-check with them.

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That’s actually really nice - what board is that? Usually I go with smaller boards but there’s something aesthetically pleasing about this layout with the split backspace setup where the modifiers kinda have this cascading/symmetrical look. Also how do you go about stabilizing 3u spacebars - is it just 2u stabs underneath?

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Idk :triumph:! But I need to find out. I stumbled across it while lurking around AliExpress.

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lol - i’m dumb. I just assumed it was yours!

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This looks like a 1800 layout with the function row removed.

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It’s a 40% (no punctuation) with mini numpad.

Looks like a variation of the GK73


Aesthetically that looks amazing but like 40% I think I would have a hard time with the missing columns in the alphas section