Layout Question; F-keyless?

Ahoy! I’m starting a new project for a friend and I have a query for you fine folks - does the layout with a numpad and arrow keys but without an F-row up top have a name?

Either way, can you recommend any models or case / pcb combos to look over?

Would 96 key work? Maybe input club Kira? Vortex vibe maybe too? Although that doesn’t have arrows

I’m a big fan of 96 keys myself (putting pennies in a jar for a Kira Stealth), but the friend whom the project is for doesn’t like them as much. Something kind of like this, maybe:

Doesn’t need to have the arrow keys nestled-in like that, but I think it’s fine if they happen to be.

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I believe there is a southpaw board in this layout in some IC.

Reminds me of my layout I call broken candybar

I wanted to include a numpad but not duplicate keys, so I ended up with this solution, admittedly unconventional.


If you’re thinking of the Clarabelle, today is the final day of the GB. No number row though.


Not gonna lie… The cow badge totally out me off😂

I can’t really imagine using that layout… but man is it gorgeous.

Were I ever to make a film surrounding the life and times of an eccentric master graphic designer, I’d have one of these on their desk.