Layouts with four modifier keys on the left of spacebar?

Has anyone ever seen a layout with four modifier keys on the left of the spacebar? I’m thinking primarily of how Mac keyboards are laid out, with Fn-Ctrl-Alt-Cmd modifiers clustered on the left of the spacebar:

I’ve so far never found a keyboard with a layout like that. Does anyone know of one?

You could try the Clueboard! I have one set up with the dual-2u-split-spacebar layout, so 4 key positions to the left of the spacebar.

@clee Hmm, I’d rather have a full-length spacebar instead of using split-spacebars. I know there’s a lot of split-spacebar layouts out there, but I’d like one that doesn’t use a split.

Did you actually look at the layouts?

You could go with a 4u spacebar and still have the four keys on either side of it. I know, 4u caps are tough to find. But what you’re asking for is pretty rare from what I’ve seen.

It might be smaller than you are looking for, but the minivan “southpaw” layout option supports this. For an example, here is mine with that specific layout:

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Dammit, I really need a Minivan.

Keep your eyes peeled for Kumo news! The Fourier and Laplace also have similar but not quite the same layout options available, but it is 0.25u wider, so the right column will all be slightly off, and the arrow key layout ends up a little broken.

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For sure. Of course, I just had the thought “Man, I wish the Minivan had HHKB-style blocked-out corners”… and then I remembered I already own a Pearl.


The YAS62 has a 3U spacebar layout with 4 x 1.25U mods on the left.

There is a group buy running at [GB] SKB75, SKB65 & SKB60 / GB CONCLUDED, look for the SKU60 with YAS Plate.