Leaf Swap Experiment Part 1: Razer Green leaf in Aliaz housing

This is the first part of an experiment to see if putting the Greetech-made Razer Green switch leaf into an Aliaz housing can produce a highly-tactile, smooth switch.

The Greetech-made Razer Green leaf is desirable because it is similar to a Panda leaf and increases the tactility of any stem.

The Aliaz housing is desirable because it is very smooth (probably the smoothest you can get) but in stock form its leaf does not produce much tactility.

Part 1 is to disassemble all 70 of both switch types, remove the leaves, put the Razer leaves into the Aliaz housing, and then lube the lower housings with PFPE + PTFE grease (similar to Krytox).

Part 2, once I receive the Halo stems I ordered, will be to lube and install Halo stems in these housings, and test them out! Stay tuned!


Pretty interested in this, definitely gonna be keeping an eye on this thread. Are you waiting on Massdrop to ship out the last drop of Halos too? I was hoping for them to get out this week, but that’s looking unlikely unfortunately.

Yep waiting for that halo drop

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This works just as well with non-razer branded greetech switches I take it? Either the blue or green ones?

Sure does. You might want to wait until we see whether the switches chatter after the leaf swap though. I’ll test them within a few days I hope. I just wouldn’t want anyone to buy stuff for this mod and then find out it doesn’t work right.