LED Magnifying Lamp?

Hi everyone!

Just wondering if anyone had recommendations for LED Magnifying lamps. I’m a bit curious about getting one because I realize it could be really great to have the magnification when lubing switches :thinking:

Could also be useful for soldering in general

Does it need to be lamp? I’ve found the visor/headband magnifiers to be more convenient: https://www.amazon.com/Carson-MagniVisor-Head-Worn-Magnifier-CP-60/dp/B007CDJKM2/

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I had linked this headband magnifier a long time ago:

Less expensive and should do the work well, and yes the lamp is useless on that.
But I think Huey is interested in a magnifier lamp instead…

Probably this one would fit your needs @Manofinterests.


By experience, I strongly discourage to use ones with small feets as working with bigger objects like keyboard PCBs makes them nearly unusable.

I just use a desk lamp over where I work

These are all pretty good suggestions :thinking:
A magnifying headband/visor wouldn’t be a bad idea either