Leeku PCBs


Thanks so much for these guides! I was having problems with my L3 TKL because I forgot to run the batch file. :disappointed_relieved:


That is sad. I’ve ordered an ISP and will try to flash a new bootloader once it get here. Will return with, hopefully good, results.

I’ve tried everything, from english settings to every USB-port on my system with 3 different cables. Got to a point where i thought i entered bootloader mode, but i think it just bricked my PCB to be honest. Now i’m not even able to use it, and JigOn crashes when i’m trying to connect.

It’s a shame really. The PCB sits in a LZ-GHv2, and it was a board that i really wanted to use, but this really takes away from the experience. And makes me a bit cautious. I have another board with a L3 PCB, which i will definitely not be changing layout on after this.


I hope that you find a way or that anyone chimes in with an answer to this so that we can feel confident again with our PCBs. For me, I will put my efforts on h87a.




My board is working now. I do not have any concrete answer to how i got it to work, or even what was wrong.

I’ve tried almost everything, but in the end what did it for me was to delete all copies of JigOn and then re-download the program, and then open it before i connected the board. Then i was able to connect without crashes, and even able to change the layout.

I do not know if i am able to firmware update, as i have not tried. I’m too scared that it will mess it up again.

All in all, very weird experience, and i’m not sure i’ve learned anything from the experience, other than JigOn is one buggy software.

Hope everything goes well with the H87a PCB and that you get the board up and running. It is much too beautiful to get neglected due to PCB faults!

Also thanks for the support and writeup. Even though it did not end up fixing the problem, it is always nice to know that you are not the only person having the problem.


Great to hear that you got it working again.

The point of creating this thread was to share experience and also show that you are not the only one.
It seems that most issues have been with non English users so that is something that screws things up.
Also, as you can see from my previous post with link to GH, it might be a bigger problem than that. So for me, I will continue with h87a instead. QMK is actively developed and supported.


Yeah, something is iffy for sure. I just hope that they are going to be looking into the problem, and update JigOn to a point where it isn’t as buggy. I think ultimately it was the software that bricked my PCB, and not a hardware fault.

I have a theory that JigOn, when changing layouts, have somehow managed to corrupt the drivers, which was what caused it to close when connecting. I don’t know if that has any truth to it, but it could be something like that.


Quick question. In the video you mentioned it’s important that the firmware and JigOn are the same version but it looks like the firmware on the link has been updated to version 171209 and JigOn is still on version 170419. Will this cause any issues?


It’s not me in the videos, I just find them very good. That’s why I’ve linked them. All creds go to Chokkan.

It’s been recommended that you use same version. If not you might have weird things happen. Of course this depend on which versions used.


I tried downloading the older version of the L3 firmware but it says that the file could not be found. The only ones I could download are L3 firmware 171206 and JihOn 170419. (I could also download some older versions of the L3 firmware but those don’t match the JigOn version so I see no point in trying those.)

Edit: I ended up using the default firmware loaded on the pcb with the latest version of JigOn and it worked without issue. Thanks for the great guide!


Where can you buy Leeku PCBs? I would like to get a second one for my LZ board


txkeyboards.com sells several various sizes, as that’s what TX boards use as well


I’ve set my hopes on h87 instead…



No place has them in stock AFAIK. The one I purchased came from eBay 1 year ago.