Leopold F660M...Stock Bluetooth & USB-C 👀

When did this happen?

Leopold x MK FC660MBT

  • Looks like a collab between Leopold and mechanicalkeyboards.com
  • USB-C
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • They have the vapor colorway in the 980M as well

I know it’s “M” and not “C,” but I don’t recall any Leopold boards hitherto having USB-C. That makes this a pretty cool development and something to look forward too…?


Very recently. I think it was just last week or two that they popped up. Cool product for OEM. They have a non-bluetooth version of as well. I bet that case color might look even better with different caps.

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Don’t forget, it’s only $119 as well. What a steal, right? I know the colors and that detail on the front aren’t for everyone, but an all black version from Leopold is sure to come soon.


:100: a steal. Stock Leopold was already such a great first-board (and second-board and nth-board) recommendation, this makes it even better. And I agree, the case color has good potential…

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Holy freakin’ cow is that ever a good deal!

The impulsivity in me is rising. I have an F660C that I’ve grown to like very much, largely on account of the Topre switches, but the layout is very reasonable too. That price for an MX board with bluetooth is just outstanding.

P.S. Plastic can be painted and even cerakoted. :wink:


Whoever wants to sell me the keycaps! *dibs :smiley:

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this is cool


powered by AAA batteries.

Using regular batteries is a great thing, can easily be swapped for rechargeables and then when those wear our you can easily find more. It’s perfect.