Leopold FC660M Ping

My friend just got a FC660M with cherry clear switches and the keyboard has this pretty loud metallic ping that sounds like it’s coming from the plate. Unless these switches just have crazy ping? Has anyone experienced / fixed this?
The sound is more consistent than switch spring ping I have heard before. That’s what makes me think it is coming from the plate or the case.

Is it just the stabilizer keys or somewhat consistently no matter where you type?

I haven’t used a leopold in some time, but iirc they use stainless steel plates which can be more prone to pinging (this is old keyboarder knowledge that could just be a wives’ tale type of fact).

Case acoustics aren’t super well researched since people just shove foam between the PCB and bottom of the case when there is ping on OEM boards.

Best solutions are:

  1. lubing the switches/stabs
  2. inserting foam between pcb and bottom chasis
  3. all of the above

Yeah, it is every key not just stabalized keys.

I have a few keyboards with steel plates and it’s generally a perfect storm of spring ping, stiff boards, and hollow cases that cause these issues. Like @Manofinterests said, Lubing switches (and springs), or inserting foam in the hollow space will both have a nice impact on the ping. Ideally you’d want to do both, but desoldering isn’t fun if you don’t have the tools and experience.

I don’t own a 660M, but I thought Leopolds had foam in them already. No? Maybe that’s just the TKLs?

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some have a thin felt dampener cut to fit like the Norbauer dampeners. there’s room to put a little more shelf liner in most 660M cases, but not a whole lot.

@jtrtj all my leopolds are stiff as hecc–980M in MX Browns and Silent Red, 660M in MX Red. spring noise is par for course. lubing stabs with a syringe may help but probably full desolder and switch treatment to get rid of it–at which point you might as well swap to a more premium one. hope some diy liner and surface lubing (not spray lubing tho!) might help your friend out.

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