Leopold FC980C discontinued?

I noticed that MechanicalKeyboards.com has moved the FC980C to their Archived section. They typically do that when a product is discontinued.

Any insiders?

If that’s the case, how sad. :frowning:

I emailed mk.com asking for insight if it is indeed discontinued. I’ll follow up on this post once they respond to me.


Yes that seems like the obvious thing to do but their lips/fingers were sealed in the past regarding Topre specific things (ie: NDA?) Which is why I tried reaching out here.

From my email

We have a shipment of these that is likely to be in relatively soon, however they may be discontinued, we just unfortunately aren’t sure at this time

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Thank you for reaching out.

I had a hypothetical fantasy arm-chair CEO theory that revolved around a new replacement keyset supplier holding things up.

FC660C production moved from China to Japan which in its journey lost it’s original colorways (Gray, White & Gray). Meanwhile the FC980C already in production in Japan suddenly went AWOL on MK’s site. Therefore I surmised that while another factory was quick to replicate the FC660C profiles they may still be working on replacements for the FC980C’s.

The FC750R PS (non-Topre) is their newest iteration that utilizes dyesubs instead of double shots. In fact they advertise as “printed in Japan.” I reached out to a non-Leopold official in Korea and it appears the doubleshot caps are being phased out for Dyesub in the future.

If Leopold/Topre are finished with 980C production you better scoop one up before it becomes the next Novatouch!

Doesn’t Leopold permanently have a problem with inventory?

R1 Realforce are being phased out also as well.

Edit: source https://www.massdrop.com/buy/topre-realforce-87u/talk/2145868