Let's See Your Work/Play/Create Space!

I didn’t see a post with a collection of everyone’s spaces so here it goes: I just finished my maker space in the home office as well as the work office. The only thing I’m hoping to add to the home office is a more professional mic and camera for streaming builds and podcasting. I would love to see everyone else’s spaces!

Home office:

Work office:


Very nice space. I especially like the warm indirect lighting of your home office. Personally i feel like the cutting mat doesnt fit in as much since its very cold and angular in contrast to the wood and warm lights. What do you stream and where is the podcast link btw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Might just be the foto though

Thanks! I do a lot of soldering so I figured that the self healing mat was a good idea to keep the desktop clean. I haven’t started streaming or podcasting yet. I was waiting till I had the equipment first.

Home office and where I’m typing this message, on that keyboard in fact.


Wow, that looks great! I have been following you on Instagram and your collection is awesome! What mic is that? Are you using it for streaming and/or podcasting?

It’s a Rode-NT and I use it mostly for work (video calls - massive overkill), but I bought it for doing sound tests, I’m not really a streaming kinda guy!

Awesome, I’ll have to check that out.

Layout has changed slightly, but my home office still generally looks like this


Looks great!!

My home setup, the keyboard is gone and replaced by beige fc660c&980c.

Very clean! Is that a standing desk?

my small yet functional desk.


Such neatness! And a nice separation of spaces! I find that very good for concentration.

I too, am part of the bigass mousepad club. Got a new cintiq monitor recently - pretty rad upgrade.

Not much here!


Great looking setup, especially with that Dasher/Dancer keyset!

A bit messy because I’m mid production of a group buy.

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Open the album and scroll down :slight_smile:
And yes, the top is designed with stand up in mind.

My work place. We just moved so all the walls are blank and there isn’t a lot of green anywhere besides the one plant in the back and my bottle :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry for the bad quality but I just wanted to share my home studio setup. I went for a sort of Nature theme with lots of green.