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Hey there guys and gals,

So I’m looking for some opinions here, when I did my first ever keyboard build I started with TTC Golden Red V3 switches (Hand lubed and Filmed by yours truly). Let me tell you good lord did I love them they were smooth I didn’t feel like I was stressing my hands out while typing or more importantly in my case gaming. However, in this fresh new world that is lighting money on fire and throwing it at the keyboard gods. I decided to try out something a little stiffer and transitioned to Gateron Blacks, now I am not going to say that I do not like the Gateron Blacks but I feel as though the brash transition from a light 43g switch like the TTCs to the Gaterons (clocking in at 60g) may be clouding my judgment on this (I have been using Gateron Blacks for about 2 weeks at the time of this post). So I have two questions for you, Do you think that I should A. Keep up with the Gateron Blacks and see if I fall in love with them? or B. Maybe switch to an even lighter switch like Gateron Clears or Cherry Silvers?


One method that you can always do is buy aftermarket springs and swap them in while lubing. If there’s a switch that you really like, but the spring is too heavy, you could always buy some SPRIT or TX springs to replace it for a lighter weight.

Heck, you could try out all sorts of stuff like progressive, slow, complex, long, short, etc. if you have the interest to do so, and you could find one that you like most. I personally prefer longer springs (20mm), but I just happen to buy switches all with long springs, to begin with, believe it or not.

If you’re set to 45 grams, you might want somebody who has tried aftermarket springs before to reach into that territory.


Sounds like the Gateron Box Ink Pink would suit you.


More info on what you liked or disliked about TTC Golden Red V3 as well as Gateron Black are needed before we can offer advices.

Looking at the force graphs, TTC Golden Red V3 appears to bottom out at ~50g and uses long spring (aka slow curve) which gives it heavier top and flatter incline. Gateron Black has similar activation weight (~43g) but bottoms out at 60g.

If I may take a wild stab given that you liked TTC Golden Red V3, you found Gateron Black feels boring, sounds dull, and tiring. If so, try using TTC Golden Red V3 spring in Gateron Black. If that brings back what you liked about TTC Golden Red V3, your problem may be with just the spring.


You know what I didn’t even consider a spring swap with the gateron blacks that’s an amazing suggestion ill try that out. As for what I liked about the TTCs they feel lighter or as I said before smoother. I feel like when I press down on the TTC it has a pretty consistent amount of force that I need to apply until it bottoms out. What I didn’t like about the TTCs was that I wanted something that was a little more responsive, which at the time in my brain meant let’s get something that is stiffer and see if this calms my need. However, as you said yes they are defiantly a little dull in the sound department and lack the liveliness that TTCs have.


I am for sure going to try out some different springs and see how it goes. @donpark even enlightened me to the idea of simply just spring swapping from the TTCs to the blacks.

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If you want something more responsive, you will need either heavier weight but same length, or same weight but longer springs. There is this thread talks about spring that I find helpful


The deeper you get into this hobby the more you’ll find how amazing aftermarket springs are. Take any switch you like the sound + feel characteristics of & make it the perfect weighting for you! Also good aftermarket springs tend to be much more consistent than factory springs for the most part.