LFK 78 Question

Does the LFK 78 support cherry too or just alps?




Solder version supports both. Hotswap is MX only.


Just read that the 68-keys variant of the LFK 78 is compatible with the VA68M case.

Anyone knows for which generation of the VA68M or if it also fits into a Ducky × Varmilo Miya Pro case? IIRC more recent VA68M use USB-C connectors like the Miya Pro does…

Not sure. Best bet is to Email Scott on the website. He used to respond.

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Anyone know another way to get in touch with him? Emailed last week about something. He never responded.

The LFKs def won’t fit any USB-C cases- the tolerance on the hole is tight and the USB-C hole in the new cases isn’t tall enough for the USB-A. You could definitely bore it out a bit since it’s plastic.

At 11:39 here you can see the pcb and plate of the USB-C version- looks like they’re using an identical case (just plastic obv) and plate, and port positioning on PCB looks the same. I have the older Aluminum VA68M version, with both the hotswap and solderable LFK PCBs, and I have a loose VA68M USB-A pcb so I could take measurements if you like.
I’m sure you could compare old mechmarket listings for pics too. https://youtu.be/3QQGzY2XoBk

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Bumping my last question.
Still haven’t heard back from him. Anyone know his username on any of the regular forums?

u/LFKeyboards on Reddit.

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FWIW I haven’t gotten a response from LFKeyboards for a while now, even when writing on Reddit, contact form or responding to order emails. My guess is that they are busy and have a backlog of things.

@llisandro I’d be interested in those measurements, if you’re still offering those, I’m kind of in the same boat as @XTaran and would love to add a 68-key variant of LFK78 to a white Miya Pro case.

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LFKeyboards is a one man operation from what I gather. Orders take a long time. Especially if you order a hot swap board, I believe he solders the hot swap switches on himself. I ordered a hot swap board and it took three months to ship. He is not very communicative.

He is not a scammer, but be prepared to wait!

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Sure, it’ll take me a bit, but I have 2 LFK PCBs, plate and a loose VA68M pcb to compare. Unfortunately I don’t have any calipers, but I can use a ruler and take some pics. Like I said, I think the plates look identical in the Miya.

One of my LFK pcbs I actually bought broken on mechmarket, and a pad from the USB port has been jumped. I’ve never gotten around to trying to fix it, I wonder if you could swap the piece with a type C…

ok, here’s a pic. This is an older LFK78 PCB.Version not known, but it’s an early one. The Varmilo PCB is from a “VA68MN” model that I believe was sold by Drop in ~2017, based on its age and LED config (I bought it second-hand). Here’s another build gallery with more pics (not mine). The Miya Pro case looks damn-near identical. Is it possible to use the same exact case design since the VA68M is die-cast?
Again, no calipers, but I measure the varmilo PCB to be 31.8 x 9cm, and the LFK is about 1-1.5 mm wider. PCB edge to center of microUSB port on VA68M is 4.50 cm, ~4.65 cm for the LFK. The LFK PCB and plate do fit in my Varmilo Aluminum case.
I don’t think the Miya Pro ever came in a edit:mini USB option. Given that there’s a little indent around the USB port on the Miya Pro, I’d think you could Dremel out the hole to accommodate the mini port. I got all my LFK PCRs second-hand on mechmarket after waiting for things to coming in stock on LFKeyboards.

@llisandro Thank you very much, that helps a lot!