LICHICX Lucy Switch Review

Hey all,

We’ve got to be nearing 100 of these reviews at this point, right? I mean I know I definitely done that math and counted before writing this out, but alas I feel too lazy to do it this time around. Don’t worry though, it’s not as if this will be a forgettable one. These LICHICX Lucys are certainly among the most interesting silent linear switches I’ve come across in some time and this is not the review for you to skip out on. (As if you should skip any of them…)

Article: LICHICX Lucy Switch Review — ThereminGoat's Switches
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As always, thank you all for the continued readership and support week in and out. The fact that I can even half seriously joke about having wrote 100 long form articles, in and of itself, is something that I never could have imagined being able to do. It wouldn’t have been a reality without you all.

Goat :goat:


Congrats on your 100th article!

I strongly recommend picking up some MMD Princess for a song today [60 G tactile], they will give you a lot to chew on:


What a fascinating switch.

I’d written Lichicx off as “those guys who make weird tall-stem switches” but I can see I’ll need to give them a second, maybe third look. :3 Always delighted to see a new take on silencing methods.

Oh, as for the colors / name, you definitely called it…

[ Lucy, from Studio Trigger / Netflix’s Cyberpunk: Edgerunners ]

I’ll say this of weebs - at least we get lots of new switch and keyset colorways thanks to the desire to match a given fictional character, machine, or faction. Heck, some of my favorite switches are named after characters from shows I’ve never seen - and this Lucy looks like it might join them. :stuck_out_tongue: