This is a keyboard that designed by Miaomiao, which I think is nice, tiny and special.

Compact style 58 keys HHKB layout with a volume control

Pcb is QMK/VIA with hot swop and back light

Sense of technology design concept

Licht is Germany, which means LIGHT. In Chinese the designer actually named this keyboard called “Project Escape" (Direct translation from Chinese). “Light”, “Escape”- can imagine a story behind this design.

The designer actually spent totally one year to make this keyboard. So by the date it launched is already anniversary. So her first design, also her studio’s anniversary.

Basic package included:

  1. Cnc Aluminium case
  2. Gasket mount
  3. Poron Pcb mat
  4. Switch mat
  5. Hot swop PCB with back light
  6. PC positioning plate
    7)Poron Gasket
  7. Poron bottom mat
  8. Storage bag
  9. Color available: Black, White, Yellow , Titanium, Soya white

Thank you for reading.