LightningXI here - keyboard and artisan aficionado

Hey all, LightningXI here.

Curious to try out this new platform, and frankly I can only hope things go on a productive start: that the board will consider criticism fairly; that this space and its users will respect makers, designers, artists, and enthusiasts alike; and that it’ll be an informational space for enthusiasts to learn and share.

For starters, here’s a shot of two of my favorite keyboards, my trusty MIRA and my HHKB Professional. If you have met me, you may have noticed that I enjoy an eclectic variety of keyboards, switches, and artisans. I’m very enthusiastic about this hobby and always look forward to trying new things. People know me as a keyboard builder, artisan collector and moderator of /r/ArtisanMacro, and a high-quality keyboard aficionado. Don’t be a stranger, and say hi!


Hey there, my man!

Happy to see you on here. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Welcome! Awesome to see you here.

And that is one awesome HHKB.




Hi dude it was nice meeting you and hanging out at keycon :wink: