Lily58 or Corne(Helidox)

Good day to you all!

I have been contemplating moving from 60% to a split ergo.
My eyes have been on the Lily58 as that would seam like a easy trade and then the Corne which would need more of a brain rework :wink:

I need some guidance from you guys on this?

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I think this might depend on how easy it is for you to adopt new layouts. You never mentioned if the 60% that you are on is an ortho or staggered or qmk compatible board. If it’s a qmk compatible board, you have probably experimented with layers in which case Corne would require more layer switching but wouldn’t be that foreign since you have already experimented with re-wiring your brain to realize new positions on keys.

The type of work that you do at the computer will also make a difference. Programmers constantly use special characters so the switch to either board would require higher than normal layer switching.

And lastly, not having a number row at the top (Corne) will probably be the least difficult adjustment compared to moving from staggered 60% to split, columnar staggered board. Like I mentioned before, you never mentioned anything about how easy those adjustments would be for you.

For me it’s simple, I’m typing on a lily58 with colemak layout and I have other boards with different layouts than this one and I have no problems switching between them, but I can’t make the same assumption about someone else in switching layouts, boards or layer configurations.


That’s pretty impressive dude. Nice.

I found it difficult to adapt to Lily58’s uneven key rows. Typical ortholinear boards have straight, more predictable, key rows. Even Alice tries to keep the rows at same vertical location despite the angles. This lead me to wonder if I remember key positions relative to my wrist and not relative to my fingers.

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I agree with the above comments - the answer sadly is probably a lot of “it depends!”

In a fairly short time space (months? weeks?) I adapted to a preonic and then a corne, and added a lily58 after that. But at the same time I was also getting serious about learning how to touch-type “for real” instead of whatever irregular thing I was doing before, so I wasn’t already a great typist, and I’m still a lot slower than most of the speeds I see here. But I am also now more comfortable typing on a corne, and enjoy it more.

I do stumble for a bit moving from corne to a standard 60% and back, but after a short adjustment I do ok. I can’t say there is/was a huge difference between the corne and the lily for me, since I did the corne first. When I added the lily I still have a tendency to use a layer for number keys…

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Holy Cow!

That’s great! Thank you for all the inputs.
I am on non-qmk compatible staggered 60% so correct everything would be new!

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