Linear A Keycaps

Ooo, these look super fun.

  • The full keycap set is 132 keys, including five different full-size space bars, ISO and “Big-ass” Enter keys, and a variety of extras.
  • The XDA keycap profile means each row has the same spherical sculpted top shape. While we’ve picked out symbols that are reminiscent of the English alphabet, you can rearrange the keys to any layout you choose.
  • Of course, since the ancient Cretan civilization that created the Linear A alphabet vanished thousands of years ago and modern scholars have yet to decipher the writing system, there’s no wrong way to arrange these keycaps.


Quite the interesting set, I think this more creative use of font is exactly what non-cherry profiles need to really shine (metaphorically :sweat_smile:) the way it takes up more space on the keycap, and adds to the overall feeling of something completely unknown that this set nails for me. hope to see stuff like this come to DSS, though this is a good start.

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Agreed. It opens up all kinds of possibilities. You could do a whole series of extinct civilization languages like Hieroglyphics and Cuneiform scripts. Those mods and artisans would be amazing.