Linjar Before and After Lube

Linjar switch by Gateron
Switch lower housing, top, and stem lubed with Christo Lube MCG 129
Spring lubed with spray dielectric grease

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Sounds so much better with lube but then again, what doesn’t?


Good educational video for people new to the hobby who might be wondering if lubing is worth it.

Holy smokes! What an amazing difference! I definitely gotta lube my Ergo Clears now.

Going to try bag lubing my springs with Krytox 105g0 and then the stem and housing with 205g0 and see how that works.

Use a plastic tub, like a Tupperware container, instead of a bag. The results are better in my experience.

I also strongly recommend carefully untangling the springs before lubing, and then checking to make sure of coverage is even before building with them. You will have to untangle them again after shaking, but they will come apart more easily once lubricated. The reason I recommend untangling before shaking is that sometimes the lube will collect in a clump of tangled springs, and you will get uneven coverage.

That’s a good point. What lube will you put in there to tub lube? Will it be like the spray that Walker uses?

I use either 1,000 cst silicone oil from Meckeyalpha (my preference) or the paraffin oil that came with the TX springs. I have found that I need to use more of the latter to get the same effect.

Apparently the Meckeyalpha lube should be equivalent to this stuff but I have not personally tested it. I was told this by somebody who is in the Rubiks cube community, who said that this is what they use to lubricate their cubes.

The conventional wisdom is that whatever oil you use should have a relatively high viscosity so that it does not slide off the spring over time. Personally I don’t think it’s worth using Krytox for, but I have seen people use GPL 106 for springs. 105 is probably fine but I have no idea if the sliding-off problem is real, or how bad it would be.

I normally use 205g0/3204 to lube the top and the bottom of the spring (relatively lightly), and that’s about it, and I usually don’t hear any spring crunch. Seems people are coating it moreso nowadays.