List of BOW / WOB GMK Sets

Hi there,

I’d like to ask your help to build an as complete as possible list of GMK keycap set that feature a WOB / BOW / Monochrome or other combination of WOB / WOB theme. Sets that are not exclusively WOB / BOW or have color accents like GMK Colorchrome are welcome too. At some point, I’ll bite the bullet and scroll through all the links in Home - Keycaps Info From Matrix.

Final list will include a split between pure WOB/BOW kits and others plus a brief description of what the set offers. Maybe with links as well? We’ll see.

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Some I’ve already found:

  • GMK Deepwell
  • GMK Modern Ink
  • GMK Metaverse
  • GMK GMK WOB Shinethrough
  • GMK WOB Katakana
  • GMK Colorchrome
  • GMK WOB/BOW Hangul
  • GMK WOB/BOW Icon Extension
  • GMK Minimal
  • GMK WOB Hiragana
  • GMK Zhuyin BOW
  • GMK Shanshui
  • GMK Redacted
  • GMK Sumi
  • GMK Agent 01 (legends are dark blue, not black)
  • GMK Honor (legends appear to be more dark greyish, not black)
  • GMK Serika (Beige keycaps not white, with yellow mods)

Added by @skepp

  • GMK Hennessey
  • GMK Bleached
  • GMK Nines (bit greyish black)

Added by @Pylon

  • GMK Originative
  • GMK Stormtrooper
  • GMK Monochrome
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GMK Hennessey
GMK Bleach
GMK Nines(?)

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Thank you for adding! Nines like more gray-ish I guess?

GMK Originative is also just WoB.

For BoW there’s also GMK Stormtrooper.

GMK Monochrome is BoW alphas and WoB mods.

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This set is on the 40s Discord and I’ve had my eye on it: GMK WoB 40s, Colevrak+, R0/R5

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Thanks! Wow, I’m literally counting the days till I can join in for Monochrome R2 and I forgot to add it to the list. Good catch!

Not GMK but seems relevant enough to post here, hopefully to see anyone got this could shared their opinions.

It’s a shame that none of these sets have macOS legends