List of laser cutting services

I’ve been compiling this list for some time now, picking them on various sources like reddit, geekhack, and others. Could be useful for someone. EDIT: I’ll add the other places people tell on the comments.


You also have

fantastic list!
I know laserboost normally has copper/brass as a request able metal

I know, I listed only the ones that appears on their website. That’s why I made that observation.

Ponoko does all kinds of materials. But the only two material types that are reasonably priced and applicable to keyboards are acrylic and bamboo.

Also, many people have good experiences with lasergist (their quality is great), but if something goes wrong, there customer service is horrendous. So much so that there is a good chance that whatever went wrong will never be put right.

Edit: I should provide full disclosure. Ponoko has been, but is not currently, a sponsor of meetups in Seattle. Was only sharing what they have because it was missing at the top.

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In Europe I found
to be relatively cheap (2 sets of Iris keyboard plates, top and bottom for about 70 Euro)
They offer aluminum and steel in different variations.

I myself have used Lasergist before and the quality of their plates is stunning. But there are the issues you mentioned.

@kohlerm, Lasergist is from Greece, LaserBoost is from Spain, Sculpteo is from France, and there are a couple of British companies as well. Europeans are very well served of options here. (At least until the Brexit ends…)


This is awesome. What would also be helpful is a list of PCB fab and assembly shops, if anyone out there has any recommendations.

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For PCBs I use, it compares the price between a bunch of fab/assembly houses. You provide the information about your PCB (size, number of layers, etc.) and it automagically compare the prices.


How is not on here yet? They do custom stuff as well as sell precut stuff.

Great list, thanks!

I thought big blue saw offered only waterjet cutting.
They mentioned to me that they wanted to start giving CNC service for carbon fiber parts with multiple detail; cutting carbon fiber with waterjet might intriduce too much delamination.

@SeaOrRiver, they offer both laser and water cutting, depending on the material.

So that people like you can tell others they exist! :wink:

Now this is amazing. I used to have to go for quotes to all of the places individually. Massive timesaver

I’m logged into ponoko, here’s their list of materials. Any numbers listed after a material are the thicknesses offered in mm. Only listing them for the materials people might use as a plate. I do not recommend them for metal, their prices are prohibitive. A basic 60% plate was quoted at around 200$. Their acrylic selection is wonderful though.

Wool Felt
Synthetic Felt

Leather (Vege Tanned)
Upholstery Leather

Brass - 0.8mm Thickness
Copper - 0.8mm Thickness
Stainless Steel - 0.4, 0.8mm Thickness


Delrin - 0.8,1.5,2.3,3.2,4.9mm Thickness
Acrylic - 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.5, 5.6, 9.0 (varies based on color)
Polarizing Film
Laserable Magnet
Polyurethane Foam


Painted MDF
Veneer MDF
Premium Veneer MDF
Melamine Finished MDF
Printed MDF
Coated MDF
Peel & Stick Veneer

Corrugated Cardboard

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any thoughts on the best place to get a polycarbonate plate for and xd75? going to be building it in a tofu and want that deep full thock sound

I’ve used Ponoko, Sculpteo, and BigBlueSaw for my personal projects. If anyone wants to hear what my experiences have been like with any of them feel free to ask.

Thanks for this - super useful!

Would it be helpful to include the thickness for some of the more common materials? For example, LaserGist has 1.5mm stainless steel available (nice for plate-mounting MX switches) while Sculpteo doesn’t.

Also, while they don’t seem to link to it directly, the Ponoko materials list is still available without logging in: Online Laser Cutting Materials - Used By Apple - FREE Sample

Hey @VinnyCordeiro,

Thanks for adding us to your list!

We are always here to assist or over LIVE CHAT at should you have any burning questions re: laser cutting and/or what materials to use, timing, pricing, etc.

Best wishes.
Soner @ RazorLAB Team

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@VinnyCordeiro SendCutSend is my go to cutting service. They are super fast, well priced, and their customer service is awesome!

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