Local man goes insane after packaging thousands of springs


Hello I’m not zeal

I don’t eat out every day and I don’t sell purple switches

edit: someone told me i can’t say i’m zeal


In between eating out please have a care and ship me some purple springs.


i can confirm the validity of these claims


I was krelbit all along





hello i’m switch
i purple every day and sell eat out


you should stock some purple switches i heard they’re very profitable


Oh wow, let’s come up with a cool name for them.

How’s zeelios?


Postage notification today! Yay!




Sorry, only bought a couple.


Aren’t you and @Jae-3soteric a couple? You should share the couple within the couple. :smirk:


how did we get found out @ChrisSwires???


Hey you’re veering off topic this thread is about me, not zeal, and how i do not sell purple switches nor eat out every day,


Considered eating outdoors as a semantic work around?


:thinking: That would make me more like zeal, who I am clearly not.


I guess not eating while in it is then…


I’ll eat you out everyday :weary: