Long-time Lurker First-time Poster

Hello to the lovely person who is reading this post right now, hope you are having a wonderful day!

Just want to (finally) introduce myself to this community. I have been lurking around Discord servers, YT channels, and other places of virtual gathering for this hobby for the past year and half. Since the first Kychron Q2 I attempted to desolder and failed, I have amassed a fair amount of keyboards and spent more effort and resources that I’m willing to admit. So, basically, I’m just like everyone else here :wink:

To me, the interfacing between hardware and software, as well as machine and human is what makes this hobby amazing. In addition, custom keyboards is probably one of the places where I have seen the most amount of great industrial designs.

My most recent project is an attempt to build a personal keyboard. So far I have the layout designed and matrix traced out w/ optional layouts. The next step is going into KiCAD, which I’m sure is where I will lose most of my insanity. (It was nice knowing y’all :joy:)

Anyways, I have probably gone on long enough. Thank you for stopping by and giving me a moment of your time, and wish you to continue have a great day!


Welcome to Keebtalk!

Hello and welcome! You’re in good company when it comes to tinkerers; there’s at least a few folks here who have designed and produced boards at varying scales.


Which sport(s)? I know we’ve got a few cyclists hanging around here, too. :biking_man:

Welcome! Couldn’t help but notice your username, are you a fellow Ferrari fan?

Haha, I used to be an avid Ferrari fan. But haven’t really been following the races that closely these years… :sweat_smile: