Longest GB? Best GB? Worst GB?

Longest GB? OG Helix Dogbone Designs GB.

Worst GB? My own pre-order for the Cruciformer. It hasn’t been that bad really, I just expected people to deliver on time and I’m stuck trying to explain to people that the parts that are out of my hands. . . .are out of my hands. my money is stuck in the GB until I ship most of the orders, I want to finish it, etc. I can promise, the worst GBs are the one that you run since it can harder on the GB runner than the participants.


Hey I got a refund for both of my gundam sets today! Still probably worst gb experience, but it’s nice to get some closure. I wasn’t expecting a good outcome.


Same, I was expecting them to vanish into the ether. Hopefully someone else takes up the Gundam mantle, really digging the Unit-01 IC in the EVA-verse.

Surely GH60 or Hyperfuse must deserve the worst spot.


Or toxic lol