Looking for a 1.75u or 2u artisan keycap

Since joining this community i have left my geekhack and reddit accounts gathering dust. And honestly i dont wanna go back. So giving up on r/mm i want to try if some people might be interested in trading via this platform. If thats okay with the majority of users and admins ofc.

Anyway here i am looking for a 1.75u or 2u artisan. I especially like novelkeys Oopskey and Ramas nolive. But please show me what else is out there and maybe If you also want to trade.

Cheers, Alex


I’d be down to do trading over KT for sure! I think the smaller, tighter knit community would make for mostly very trustworthy & stress free interactions compared to the bigger platforms. Also, we’ll have to hear for sure from the mods, but I don’t think it would pose any issues to start a trading thread as they already allow sales threads. Just not sure if they would want us to keep it to single posts in the Marketplace category like is done now or if they’d be ok with a thread for it to be started? In any case I really like the ideal of getting the marketplace on here a little more active. I would for sure check here first before anywhere else if it got to having daily posts like r/mm or GH/DT classifieds!

As for what you are looking for, personally I’ve only seen blanks as far as 1.75u artisans goes (although I’m sure there are a few sculpted ones out there). 2u though has some more offerings as far as sculpted keys goes. What comes first to my mind is BoomSnap! caps Kelorean backspace artisans for 2u.

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Thank you. For the recommended sites as well as the detailed answer and suggestions of moving forward.

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