Looking for a 60% keyboard with arrow keys in white

Does anyone have any recommendations for a keyboard that is 60% but with arrows keys? I’ve looked at the bakeneko65 and whatnot but I don’t want a space between the arrows keys and the rest of the board. Budget is around 300 (including keycaps and switches so the board budget is most likely around 200). Need the case to be in white if possible!

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Hello and welcome! There are two layouts that I think would fit your description; 64-key and 68-key.

64 is like a regular 60% alphanumeric cluster, but with arrow keys wedged in the corner, displacing or shrinking some other keys to make room. 68 is one of the standard 65% layouts, like the bakeneko65, except instead of two keys and a blocker between the arrows and space bar, it’s three single-unit keys.

Probably the easiest to find example of the 68-key layout that’s also available in white is the Tofu65 by KBDfans:

You can buy these as kits or pre-assembled and get a complete board within your budget.

There’s also a new version called the TofuJr that has a more modern mounting style, but I think they’re sold out of the white ones at the moment.

The 64-key layout can be found on a few random prebuilt keyboards and pcbs, the latter of which should all fit in “standard” gh60 mount 60% cases; many of which can be found in white. This is what that layout looks like:

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Oh the 64 key layout would be perfect!! I found the bm60 pcb that looks like it supports the arrow key cluster but I was wondering could I use that pcb but put it in a freebird60 case? Or do I have to look for specific standard gh60 mount cases?

Just beware that the 64-key layout uses a 2u left shift key instead of the more standard 2.25u, which many keycap sets don’t include.

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ooh i see! i’ll definitely be sure to keep track of that, thank you!

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I’m honestly not sure if you could use the Freebird’s o-ring gasket to mount that pcb or not - but it should definitely fit in gh60-style tray cases like the 60% version of the Tofu.