Looking for a 60% pcb with several 1u keys left of the space bar

Hi all!

I am looking for a PCB (preferably solder) with the possibility to have as many as possible 1u keys left of the spacebar, of course depending on the length of the spacebar.

I remember seeing a 60% keyboard that had three or four 1u keys left of the spacebar, but I can’t find it again or remember what it was called.

Any suggestions?



I’m at work so I can’t double check, but I believe the GH60 PCB linked has that.

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Sadly the GH60 doesn’t support it, but thanks for the suggestion anyway. I am always happy for 60%-options. :+1:

I found a picture that shows roughly what I am after: atom66

Similiar to this, but just a PCB, and ideally with the possibility of 2u shift keys.

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Ahh I thought it did, I remeber the last one i worked with being super swiss chesse on the bottom row LOL! I see what you’re talking about, when I get home ill take a look through my links to see if I can find something!

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There were a few for a while, but they are not really that popular at all. I built this with a DDMilli PCB, bought specifically to use some vintage keycaps I came across. It is possibly the worst PCB I have ever used.


Layout-wise the DDmilli would be perfect.
I looked for some pics of the PCB, and it even supports 2u shift keys.

But I also found other reports of how troublesome the board can be.
And of course, it’s several years old and probably hard to come by these days.

Other than that, exactly the layout-options I am looking for.

Are there any other like it?

The YAS62 had a lot of bottom row options, some of which had 1u mods


According to @yasintahir there is a successor to YAS62 in the works:


Thanks for the suggestion of the YAS62, I’ll keep an eye on it.

Incredibly nice build! I dig the case color, but I adore the caps.

OT, and feel free to reply as a PM if you want, but I had to comment… Where did you find those caps??? I have a couple sets myself, but I virtually never see them in the wild. In fact, I think I own every set I’ve ever seen pop online… (partly because people couldn’t easily find a way to put them to use because of the wonky layouts of the boards they originally occupied, as you know!). Probably been 3-5 years since I’ve seen anyone post some! Would love to talk… feel free to ping me.

To OP: I wish I knew of a PCB that could help you.The YAS62 is the only one that I remember seeing like that, apart from full on ortholinear boards.

Also slightly off-topic, but is that a keyboardbelle case?

They are Devlin caps, doubleshot uniform profile, QS I think. Years ago I pulled two server rack boards out of a room with a collapsed ceiling that I was supervising asbestos abatement in, on a military base.


From a military base?? No wonder so few of them make it out in the wild.

QS is one of my favorite profiles for several reasons. I have them on my home daily right now, and I’m always on the lookout for others for myself and for a friend and fellow Devlin enthusiast that I’d like to help out.

Thanks for posting that beauty. Cheers!