Looking for a 65%-PCB with the possibility for 2 x 2U shift

Hi all!

After all those boards I have built so far I (almost) found my favourite layout.
I really love my 60%-builds with 2 x 2U shift, and the lowest alpha row moved 0.25U to the left.

Now I am looking for a 65%-PCB with that option, because five more keys would be the cherry on top.

So far I have not found such a PCB.

Does anyone know of such a PCB?

I do not know of such a build, though it seems that the existence of a 2u left shift 60% was to accommodate arrow keys. A 65% solves that issue, making the left shift somewhat of a redundant fix.

If you find one, please do share.

I also like a 60% with a 2u left shift because it allows for arrow keys on a 60%, but as roosky15 pointed out, a 65% board already has arrow keys, so I don’t think anyone would go out of their way to make a 65% that uses one.

I realise my question may seem a bit odd :wink:
And I’m aware that there probably is no such pcb…

For some reason I prefer the lowest alpha row to be 0.25U further to the left.
Both esthetically and for typing.
Call me a weirdo, but aren’t we all? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Have you tried a ISO 1.25u shift and then Z to the right of it? :thinking:

Perhaps stick with your GK64 layout and add a macro pad? :wink:

I did, and I find it awful.
1u to the left for all the alphas is way to much for me.

Two 2u shift and the alphas 0.25u to the left feels perfect for me.
Maybe I simply have to stick to 60% boards… :thinking:

Trying to envision what you mean… is it like this 60% with blockers, roughly?


This is what I am looking for:

A 60%-PCB with 2x2u-shift but with additional 5 keys on the right side.

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Oh I’m sorry. I just noticed you said 65, not 60