Looking for a board with tenting, what are the options?

I’m wondering what options are out there for a tented keyboard. I’ve propped up the right side of my meridian and it feels nice for gaming (using left side only). I don’t do well with ortho layouts, as they usually cause more stress on my wrist for some weird reason.

So, what tented boards are there that don’t have crazy layouts?

Dygma Raise or Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

I have a Raise, which got me into the mechanical keyboard mess hobby, as I wanted a split keyboard. Then I couldn’t stand the sound and feel of my work keyboard and bought another mechanical keyboard…and another…I digress 🫣

The Raise software is really cool and easy to understand, the keyboard rock solid, but be aware that the Alu plate is also the the case. I’m still fiddling with all sorts of foam and switches to get the sound I like…


Quefrency should be able to tent with some different sizes of standoffs or 3d-printed case.

KBDfans Mountain and Kunlun are two other but with fixed tenting.

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