Looking for a budget (Under $170 USD) 75%... Anyone?

Would not mind a 75% instead of an Alice if it has a layout like the GMMK Pro or the 7V?
Thoughts? And again thanks for the pointers.

Just looking to build 2 keebos to cycle.
P.S.: ID80 IDOBAO is disqualified xD

PLA75 is pretty good, I’m working on a review. https://rndkbd.com/collections/keyboard-kits-cases/products/pla75-r2-group-buy


I feel like the GMMK Pro and the IDOBAO80 are you best options for your price range and desired layout.


To be honest for the price point and layout I think the GMMK Pro might be your best bet. I have one and really like it, although I’ve never had the experience of typing on a super premium board like the Sat75 so your feelings might be very different.

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Now that… is a board I haven’t heard of, thanks for the link as well. I’ll check it out.

That’s what I figured, I guess I might reconsider the GMMK Pro

It’d be a dream to find someone here in EU/UK that wouldn’t try flipping Sat75 for 500+ USD xD. But still a good recommendation, it’s a preem keebo I wouldn’t reject anytime soon.

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If the gmmk pro/prebuilts are an option you should probably also have a look at the current epomaker kickstarter the ak84 but it doesn’t have the exploded layout which might be a deal breaker.

Edit: I just want to make the case for the unexploded layouts being better if you are undecided. I like how the function keys are ortho linear with the number key of the same value, the intuition of where the number keys are transfers to the function keys directly above them so you don’t have to look down. And secondly it takes up less desk space which imo is the main reason to go for a 75% in the first place over getting the same functionality in a TKL. An exploded 75% is 2~3 cm smaller in width than a TKL and a unexploded 75% is 1~2 cm smaller than an exploded one. That means vs a TKL the jump to an exploded layout is not nearly as noticeable as going to an unexploded 75% especially if the bezels are not tiny like on the gmmk pro.


Some recommendations besides GMMK Pro and Idobao ID80:

It’s also worth checking out this thread for some inspiration: Anyone here currently using a prebuilt or custom made 75%? Let’s see them!


Thanks, that was quite informative. Bit late on the replies lmao.

Roger that; thanks a lot.

I just realised I’m a sucker for the GMMK Pro, ID80 and Keychron Q1 typa’ layouts w/ the full or half right column separated.

The Vortex race is nice BUT it has the off size esc button which you wont fiund in any keyset

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Wider ain’t better, would have prefered an ISO-enter shaped ESC :eyes:


Very true about keycap compatibility! But was just thinking that if @anon31502009 was open to prebuilts, then the Vortex Race 3 is an excellent choice for a stock keyboard. An excellent implementation of a 75% (the 1.5u Esc allows for F-row stagger), nice aluminum case, excellent stock PBT dyesub DSA keycaps and rather decent stock stabilizers. Would recommend JYMV’s video review of the Race 3


I do wonder…I mean you could always search for an artisan or comission one in that size tho?

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I do like me some 75% and the Vortex seems tight, but I really like the column separation as well as arrow keys. I pretty much have all the components that I need as well.

Literally everything except a keebo xD