Looking for a budget (Under $170 USD) Alice Keeb... Anyone?

Been looking for An Alice that is affordable as you can see in the title I’m open to suggestions and what not. Throw them down below I’ll check’em out.
Stay awesome and thanks

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The Sesame is a affordable option for that.

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Maybe getting a Lubrigante (stacked acrylic Alice) made or purchased from someone?

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looks dope but why the naked forehead? Sorry if I’m being picky. Thanks for the help.


Now that is a good recommendation. I’ve had my eyes on it for a while now.

Second this. YMDK Wings prob your best bet. If you can shell out a bit more, the MGA Standard is a great option as well.


I mean, after PCB and such, the MGA standard comes out to like twice as much, great board, but definitely a price bracket up from here. amazing to see its in stock though.

I have considered MGA, however its outta stock as you said.
Thanks for the pointer thou

Vouch for the YMDK Wings, i’d also have recommended you this one https://www.reddit.com/r/MechGroupBuys/comments/n8ou16/gb_gerald65_may_9_june_9_2021/ but the GB ended, you could also find something interesting if you browse taobao