Looking for a converter for a vintage non-ADB NeXT keyboard

I am looking for a converter that allows me to use my vintage non-ADB NeXT keyboard with a modern PC. I had one from Drakeware at one point, but it broke. Drakeware does not have any in stock and may no longer be making them. Thanks.

How about making your own?

Like demonstrated here:

Thanks, I do appreciate the link. Unfortunately, I do not have the technical skills for a project like that. Have you ever made one?

This is cool.

No, not a NeXT-to-usb-adapter, but many other electronics projects.

If you know someone with average electronics skills, that project should be doable.
A quick websearch finds a couple of other sites describing how people built their adapters.

There is even a github with a Arduino-sourcecode:

would you be willing to make one for a fee?

Currently, and for at least until the end of this year, I simply can’t. Sorry.

I have a massive remodeling project going on in my house, and my electronics workshop is packed in boxes. This place is a ugly, dusty mess, with a big gaping hole between the first and second floor :scream:
So, sadly no soldering, coding or programming possible at the moment.

In case you have not been able to find an adapter or someone else to help you with building one by the end of the year, you’re welcome to ask me again.

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Where are your located? Depending on where I had to ship to, I could take that


Thank you, that would be great. I would love to discuss it! I am in the Detroit area.


I don’t even live on the same continent as you.
So it’s probably really easier to find a helper on your side of the atlantic :wink: