Looking for a keyboard I remember an IC for a while back

I’m looking for a keyboard I remember from an IC on Reddit a while back. Mostly to see if it was ever off the ground and made. It might have been an April fools joke, I don’t know.

What it was was a tiny keyboard made entirely with microswitches. Those lil four pole ones that you see on monitors and such.

I think it was only a year or so ago, but I might be wrong. I remember expressing my interest, but never hearing anything else. I can’t seem to find it in my post history either.

Anyone got any clue what I’m talking about?

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I THINK this is what you are remembering:


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OMG, yesssss. That’s what it was. Now to justify the price to myself…

For those interested, eucalyn sells them here: https://eucalyn.shop/shop/kits/blockey from Japan

That is an awesome little board, thanks for the links guys. I think I might try to pick one of these up sooner or later. :metal: