Looking for a PCB 75% with RGB, hot-swap and a knob

Hello guys i am Henry and can someone help me with my search?

I’m looking for a PCB 75% with RGB, hot-swap and a knob.
I want to build my own wooden case for it, so since this is a lot of work, I don’t really want to compromise on the pcb.
Another consideration was

And I think I want Charry Switches, but I’m new to this scene and I want this keyboard to play and write, but writing is more important.

If you think I should be looking for something else then please tell me :smiley:

Ps. is this the wrong thread or there is a similar Post, i Am sorry for mess thiss forum up.

I’m seeking too

This CSTC75 has a PCB only option available to purchase. It seems to have all of the features you are looking for.

CSTC75 75 RGB 75% Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard Gasket Kit PCB Pro – KPrepublic