Looking for a simple keycap

I’m looking for something I thought would be pretty easy to find - but since I haven’t had luck yet, I thought I’d pose the question to you fine folks.

I’m looking for a single R4 OEM profile keycap in metallic gold. It just has to look gold - zinc, aluminum, etc. are fine. It will be used as an ESC key - blank is preferable but it’s fine if it says “Esc” on it. I’d prefer solid metal to shine-through.

I’ve seen plenty of full sets, and plenty of single caps with things like “CS-GO” or WOW emblems on them, but not so much the blank ones - and the Esc keys I’ve found so far are all out of stock. Any suggestions on where to find one? Thanks!

Here is an ESC with laser etched legend

Probably the best I can find at the moment that doesn’t include a whole set of keys.


Here’s one made from brass:

edit: And here’s one that’s gold plated on sterling silver:


Thanks both of you! These all look like they would fit the bill depending on preference. This is for a build I’m doing for a friend, so I’m glad to have some options to present him with.