Looking for a Thermal 60% HHKB

Long shot, but this is a specific board I’ve wanted for a long time. Looking for a Thermal 60. Must be HHKB layout and Mist (sliver). I thought there would be some in the R2 extras, but nothing to date.


Damn no Mist extras, that sucks. I can’t remember if Mist was in Rd.2 or not. Either way I’ll keep any eye out & let you know if I see any up for sale bud!

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Bump. Still hunting this Unicorn :upside_down_face:

Salvun has plans for thermal 60s done in his workshop.
Check his discord


Excellent news! Will do.

I have a dream of a Thermal but with Salvation mounting :star_struck:


Salvun and Wilba are actually in the process of re-releasing the Thermal60.

Also, RAMA is currently clearing out old A and B-Stock of their Legacy boards, but supplies are low…

Oh man! I’m torn. I’ve wanted this board for quite a while. But I also would rather support Wilba and Salvun.